We are a community where everyone is always welcome on a first-name basis without regard to diagnosis and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.


We have a fundamental and unwavering belief in the power and possibility of recovery and absolutely believe that all individuals can lead full, rich, and productive lives.


We believe that services that are organized and delivered by peers focus on building positive relationships and should become an integral part of the mental health system.


We believe that all members of the Amistad community – members, staff and those seeking services – deserve to be treated equally and with dignity and respect at all times.

"As peer support in mental health proliferates, we must be mindful of our intention: social change. It is not simply about developing more effective services, but about creating dialogues that have influence on all of our understandings, conversations and relationships."

Shery Mead, Founder of Intentional Peer Support

Amistad has been the leader of peer services in Maine since our inception over 30 years ago. Our intention over the years- to connect with folks using compassionate inquiry and build healthy relationshsips- has led to innovative peer-led programming that improves health outcomes, focuses on acceptance and relationship building, and built a strong workforce of people in recovery. We have not only infiltrated the system, we have become an integral part of its recovery process.

"Be cool."

Mark Perry, Peer Outreach Worker (POW) Peer Support

Even when all else fails (and for most of us it has), trying to relax and do the "next right thing" can be difficult. Simple is best. We meet people where they are at and build relationships where folks feel heard, empowered and accepted for who they are. Then recovery is possible.


The Amistad community depends on support from a variety of sources to carry out its mission.

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Amistad is looking for volunteers to help out at the center, serving meals or leading programs.

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"Many holiday shoppers hit Portland's streets to get gifts Saturday. At dozens of stores, some of the money customers spent went to Amistad, a non-profit recovery center in Portland for people struggling with drug use. ...
'We're very happy to support Amistad, to be part of the downtown business community, to support these kinds of causes because they're important,' [the owner at Uncommon Paws] said.
She added her motivation was, 'not just as a mother of a recovering heroin addict but also as a human being.'" Read more from WCSH6 News >>

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