"Come see the Community, meet the staff and check out what we have going on for peers like you. Open to all members of the greater community."

Peer Learning Community at Bath

Amistad's Peer Learning Community at Bath is a Peer Support community focusing on creating community for people struggling with substance use disorder and other mental health challenges. We provide peer support groups for a variety of issues and also allow a space for peers to start their own groups. In addition, we provide one-on-one peer support on a drop-in basis and a comfortable location for people to create connections with others in a safe environment.

There's always something going on at the Community, so don't be afraid to drop in, for any old reason. It's a tough world, and we need each other to have the strength to survive and succeed.

The staff of the Peer Learning Community have experienced adversity.

The people that keep the Community at Bath running, the ones you'll see every day, have fought long battles against such things as addiction to substances, near-debilitating mental struggles, and the sometimes impossible-seeming obstacles that everyday life itself seems to throw up in front of us all too often. Mindy, Patrick, Karen and their colleagues have nonetheless gained solid footing, with education and perseverance, and they're dedicated to being fully present for peers in the Bath area.

Contact Us

Patrick Metro
Peer Coordinator
(207) 389-4936
340 Oak Grove Ave.
Bath, ME 04530