Steve Mortimer

Director of Finance & Operations

In 2002 I left the corporate world for the nonprofit sector. Since then I’ve helped nonprofits in such areas as K-12 financial literacy, immigration, endangered species, food insecurity, water quality, and more. It has been enormously rewarding, but best of all is working with Amistad. We provide hope, help, and community while meeting the basic needs of good people who are in dire situations. By offering group supports, personal guidance, coaching, food, clothing, compassion, encouragement and a sense of community, we help them get back on their feet and achieve lasting recovery. Every day I see Amistad’s positive impact on people’s lives, and I swell with pride when I tell others where I work. When I’m not at Amistad I’m biking, hiking, kayaking, and otherwise enjoying this beautiful state with my lovely Alice and pup Georgie!